The challenges of reformed mission in an ever-changing world

In 2014, the Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira, applied his strange but beautiful signature style of sculpture to an amazing installation of monumental proportions, and created a twisted network of gigantic tree roots out of recycled wood, called Transarquitetonica.  The artist described his work as: “It’s wood that has been taken from nature, ▸▸▸

The true treasure of the church

This year, with the 500th commemoration of the Reformation, is a year wherein we consider in particular the figure of Martin Luther. Not only is the Reformation commemorated, but so also Luther’s exceptional theological contribution to the Reformation; and not only is Luther foregrounded, but the focus is on his ▸▸▸

The Reformation tradition as vantage point on the Karoo horizon

A horizon means that one learns to look beyond what is close at hand – not in order to look away from it, but to see it better within a larger whole and truer proportion.” Alexander Murray The Karoo in South-Africa is a semi-desert area that is known for extremes. ▸▸▸

A reformed past. A reformed future?

Why am I reformed? Forget for a moment different was of asking this question, such as: “what does it mean to be reformed?” “Why am I reformed?” The answer to this question seem to be quite simple: I was born reformed. I was baptized in a reformed church, attended Sunday ▸▸▸